This Sunday 8th December:

 Hi BHLAC families,

 Despite making every effort to get the program up and running last Sunday we unfortunately had to cancel due to the inclement conditions. Not ideal but in the end the safety of athletes and our parent helpers is the priority.  Running in the rain is not such an issue but when the wind and rain impacts on the electronics and the use of power, then we have to reassess the risks and our capacity to conduct a safe event.

In light of the cancellation the committee has decided to change the format of the planned Christmas Gift on 8th December and hold Program C that was due to be run yesterday.  This will give athletes the opportunity to participate in those events before we break. Given the few meets that remain before EMR Track and Field qualification, this decision will also aid athletes in their efforts to compete at Regions and State.

A new parent duty roster will be prepared for this coming Sunday along with a few communication updates that we will put out later this week.

8th December will be our final centre meet for this calendar year so we will take the opportunity to celebrate.  There’ll be a special visit from Santa plus some other treats on the day including a sausage sizzle.

This Sunday (8th) will commence at 2.00pm, with the U6 and U7s commencing at 1.30pm for the On Track program.

BHLAC Committee

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