Welcome to Box Hill Little Athletics Centre

Season 2019/20

Firstly, I would like to extend a big welcome to all members who are new to the Box Hill Little Athletics community and also a welcome back to returning members. Thank you for choosing our centre.

This will be our 51st year of competition following on from our hugely successful 50th year celebrations which provided a great view back into the rich history of athletics at Box Hill. As with all junior sports, we can only provide these great experiences for our children with the help of volunteers. At Box Hill Little Athletics we are fortunate to have a great group of parent volunteers and committee members who are always available to assist. We are also supported by numerous athletes who have progressed through our centre and now compete in senior athletics, but return to help our program run smoothly, by working with the younger athletes and ensuring they can all do their best.

We have a fantastic committee this year with plenty of new faces taking on the challenge and as always, we have retained a number of experienced members for guidance. Please take the time to familiarise yourselves with the faces on the committee in the following pages and say hello.

At this point, I would like to extend a big thank you to our retiring committee members: Monique “fly the friendly skies” Du Chateau, Jason “did I even serve on the committee” Croall, Matt Lloyd and importantly our outgoing president Steve Taylor. I would like to recognise all their tireless efforts, over countless years. From everyone at the Box Hill Little Athletics community, all your work was greatly appreciated and we hope to still see you down the track in the future!

Like many people at Box Hill Little Athletics, in the beginning my family and I were new to the sport of athletics, however over the years, the positives from participation in athletics can be clearly seen and it also extends across many other sports. Our younger program (U6 – 10) concentrates on motor skills, co-ordination and of course the events, progressing up to the older groups (U11 – 16). All have elements of competition but also, most importantly, focus on fun and mateship. The club also offers mid-week group training sessions, run by a team of very experienced coaches, providing a targeted experience for the athletes, tailored to age groups.

We strongly encourage all athletes to participate in these sessions. Finally, the most important ingredient to ensuring our program runs smoothly every week is our parent and guardian community. Each week we have many people working together to help with the program from setting up, running the events and packing up. Without this assistance, our program simply would not work for the children. We appreciate your help and look forward to continued support for this season – “many hands make light work.” Please take the time to learn more about activities to support our centre in this handbook, look on our website, ask a committee member or ask another volunteer.

We communicate news to all our members through our website, Team app and we also have an active Face book page which we encourage you to follow. If there is anything you are unsure of, please just ask.

We hope our little athletes and families have a fantastic year at Box Hill!

Kind Regards,

Wayne Andrew
BHLAC President