General Information

Box Hill Little Athletics Centre runs a regular competition for our athletes from U6 – U16.

Our meets are held most Sundays from 1.30pm (u6&7s) & 2pm (u8-u16s) at our track Haganauer Reserve, in Barwon Street, Box Hill.  We also offer special events including: Friday twilight meets, relay days, multi’s, cross country, and encourage all our athletes to participate in regional and state competitions if they wish.  For full details please see our calendar.  For details regarding our fees please see our registration page.

We offer a structured training program, which is conducted by professional coaches at our track every Wednesday during the season at 4.30pm – the costs of training is included in your registration fees.  In addition, our age group managers are selected based on having relevant experience or accreditation, and receive ongoing development training.  Attending regular training, gives your child the best opportunity to develop their skills and love of athletics, and to achieve their personal best on competition days.

We have an annual recognition program for all athletes showing consistent participation, recognising personal best performances, and achievement of club and state records. These are presented at our AGM at the end of every season.

Our program is only made possible through parent support, and all parents are required to complete a role at 50% of regular competition days and any special events you are participating in throughout the season.

We have an active and passionate committee of management, as well as permanent technical roles, and non technical roles every week, so all parents have the opportunity to encourage and support their own children throughout the season, as well as do their part.  If you are interested in joining our committee in a large or small capacity we would love to hear from you.

Age Limit

The athlete’s age on September 30 determines the age group an athlete performs in for the season. The Centre conducts events for U 6 to U 15 age groups. Athletes must be at least 5 years old to be registered with the centre.


Athletes are to wear black shorts/bloomers and either the approved Box Hill Centre uniform singlet, or crop top, black with white and grey trimmings or the Box Hill Tee Shirt. The plastic/cloth sponsors bib showing the athlete’s name and age and registration number is required to be pinned or attached onto the front of the Tee shirt or singlet.

This will also include a bar code sticker for electronic timing which must be worn.

Box Hill Centre uniform must be worn when competing for Box Hill in Region and State Relays, Region and State Track & Field, Multis and in any Cross Country event. Note: logos on shorts must be covered at these competitions.  Shorts must be at least 10 cm (4 inches) above the knee and have no pockets or pockets sewn closed.

All undershorts i.e. bike shorts/skins must be black or skin coloured.


Good fitting running shoes with flexible soles, a firm supporting heel and laced so the foot cannot move in the shoe, can be used for all events. Feel free to speak to coaches for advice on running shoes.

Lightweight Shoes (racing waffles or flats)

Competition shoes can be used for all Hurdles, track events up to and including 400m, Long,

Triple and High jumps. Some Competition shoes have no heel and little shock absorption. They are  not recommended for the full program and should not be used for the Walk, Middle Distance events and road training.


Athletes in the U11 to U12 age groups can wear spikes for hurdles, 70 m, 100 m, 200 m and 400 m i.e. track events where athletes compete in a separate lane. They may also wear spikes in Long jump, Triple jump, High jump, and javelin. U13—U15 athletes may wear spikes in all events except race walks.

Spikes can only be worn during an event but not to or from the event. Spikes must be cone or Christmas Tree shaped and no longer than 7mm. Spiked shoes with spikes removed are not permitted. Spikes can not be worn for cross country.

Middle distance spikes are the recommended shoe for this age group.

Basketball boots

These are not designed for continuous forward running and should not be worn when taking  part in Little Athletics.