First Aid

A first aid room attended by a qualified First Aid Officer is available in the western end of the main building at Hagenauer Reserve. Where pain or swelling persists, please see a doctor. Whilst all athletes and officials are insured under a standard policy held by Australian Little Athletics Incorporated it is recommended all families consider and review their health and medical insurance arrangements.

If soft tissue is injured, the R.I.C.E. treatment is recommended:

  • Rest.
  • Ice  should  be  put  on  the  injured area for 15-20 minutes and repeated during  the day.
  • Compression bandages should be used when swelling occurs.
  • Elevate injured knees and ankles with a chair or stool.

Sun Smart

BHLA is a Sun Smart Centre.  We encourage all athletes to wear hats and use sunscreen throughout the season.  We provide additional shade during hot weather, and encourage all athletes to stay hydrated.

Hot or Wet Weather

The program may be cancelled at the discretion of the Arena Manager in the event of weather conditions that impact on the health and well being of all participating athletes and volunteers. A notice will be posted on the BHLAC website by 1pm Sunday if a program is cancelled. The next Meeting follows the set program listed for that date.