State Relays9General relay information and rules


  • Ensure that all aspects of track area and change over zone are safe for athletes.
  • Emphasise to athletes the area in which the baton must be changed over.


  • Change box/change over zones: They are 30m in length and one lane in width, in which the change over of the baton must take place.
  • Check marks: a marker placed within a lane to denote where the athlete’s acceleration is to begin.
  • Cross Over Point: the point where the athlete may leave their respective lanes and cross to the inside of the track.


  • Baton: smooth hollow tube, circular in cross section, made of a rigid material.
  • Yellow Flags: To indicate infringement has taken place.
  • White Flags: White flag to signal ‘all clear’.

Officials required

  • One chief official at each change box.
  • Officials (1-4) to assist the chief official.

General rules

  • The baton shall be carried in the hand during the event.
  • Athletes must commence running from inside the change box. The baton change takes place within the 30m change box. The position of the baton is decisive, not the athlete’s body, head, feet or legs.
  • If the baton is dropped, it must be picked up by the athlete, who dropped it, not by another athlete in the same team or any other person.
  • Assistance to athletes in the form of pacing, pushing off or other methods is not allowed and may lead to team disqualification.
  • Athletes are not to run more than one section (leg) of a relay.

Laned and unlaned change overs

  • Laned Change Overs (4 x 100, 4 x 200 & Medley)
    • The change over must commence when both athletes are in contact with the baton – such contact must occur inside the change box – and is completed when the baton is in the sole possession of the receiving athlete
    • Athletes should remain in their lanes after handing over the baton until the track is clear in order to avoid obstructing other runners.
  • Unlaned Change Overs (Medley & 4 x 200 – 3rd changes)
    • Athletes are lined up in lanes 4-8 in lane draw order on a line inside the beginning of the change over zone. The line is indicated by the placement of cones on the inside and outside of the track.
    • After incoming athletes have passed the crossover point, the awaiting athletes should take up their receiving positions in the order of the positions held by incoming runners.
    • Athletes are free to take their positions anywhere within the changeover zone, but may not change places with other athletes (ie must stay in lane order)
    • On completing the change, incoming runners must clear the track quickly, endeavoring to ensure that no interference is caused to other teams.
    • There is no acceleration zone at the unlaned change over
    • NOTE: Officials are not to physically assist children during unlaned changeovers

Position of cross over points

  • The position of the cross over points differs depending on the
  • event:
    • 4 x 200: at the beginning of the back straight on the third leg of the event.
    • Medley: at the beginning of the front straight on the third leg of the event.


  • If an infringement is noted at a change box, the official will raise a yellow flag and report to the Referee.
  • Any infringements observed by officials should be noted on a preprinted form and collected by the Referee to adjudicate on the infringement.

Starting positions

  • 4 x 100m – on 400m stagger start lines.
  • 4 x 200m – on 4 x 400m stagger start lines.
  • Medley – on 400m stagger start lines.