Note about Parent Duty Sign Up


Parent Support Program at Box Hill LAC: 

Hi and welcome to a new season of Little Athletics at Box Hill:-
My name is Luci Johnston, Parent Support Co-ordinator for our Centre. I’m here to help you sign up to our Parent Help roster, which is an important and compulsory part of Little Athletics.

You don’t need any athletics experience to help the Centre conduct the program week to week. There are a number of roles you can sign up to.

Please go to our Parent Sign Up page to learn more and to complete your sign up to the parent help roster.
A few things for you to know:

  • Sign Up using the email you used to register your child/ren
  • Instructions on how to Sign Up are listed at the bottom of the Parent Sign Up page
  • The first 4 weeks of the season are open now. Choose your dates that suit you best
  • The Sign Up roster lists all the roles the Centre requires to run the program week to week. You can choose any.
  • If you need to alter a date you have signed up to, please change it in Sign Up at least a week out from the competition meet or email me to ensure we organise a parent replacement.
The Parent Support roster makes our program run effectively and without it the centre simply couldn’t offer such a comprehensive program of athletics for our kids.Each family is required to undertake a minimum of 7 parent duties over the next 6 months, as a commitment to the Club and for their child/ren to be eligible for centre awards. To help you monitor how many duties you have completed over the season, I will publish a report and list it at the track on a periodic basis.

If you have any questions at anytime please email me at

Thanks again for participating in Little Aths at Box Hill and I look forward to another fantastic season with you all.

Kind regards,
Luci Johnston
Parent Support Co-ordinator


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