We are delighted to have you as a member of our 2019/20 team. Please click on the links below to register or renew as a Box Hill Little Athlete member.

Our registration system has now been set up with the ‘$99 Mid Season offer’. An 8 week program for kids looking to join in the Jan/Feb 2020 period. Click below to get your registration underway.  If you have any questions you can email Rosslyn at


New families to Box Hill Little Athletics




Families previously registered to Box Hill Little Athletics  

You will need your LAVic username and password.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are transferring from another centre, please first go to


Membership | U6-U7

$155 (Full season)

Registration includes:
Summer Athletics
Cross Country Season
Weekly Training Squad (Pre Christmas)

Membership | U8-U16

$170 (Full season)

Registration includes:
Summer Athletics
Cross Country Season
Weekly Training Squad

Determining your child's age group

Prior to registering online you will need to establish what age group your children will be in. You can do this by using the Age Ready Reckoner which will ensure your child is placed in the correct age group.

  • Your child must compete in their designated age group (they cannot run up or down)
  • Under 6’s may join the season after they have turned 5
  • Once you have registered please email a copy of your registration receipt & your childs proof of age to 

Additional Members

Adding an additional member to a renewing member procedure

This is the procedure to follow if you are a family who wish to renew a child’s registration and add another child to take advantage of the family discount.  

Please note: family discount is only available to multiple children in U8-U16 age groups, as U6-U7 already enjoy a discounted rate.

  1. Click renew registration
  2. Enter the renewing child’s username and password
  3. Select family membership (e.g. 1 renewal, 1 new = family of 2 children)
  4. Click Next
  5. You will then see Member 1 with the renewing child’s name
  6. Click Check Details
  7. Once you have completed the first member click on Enter Details under Member 2
  8. You can then enter all the information for the second child.

If you already have more than one child registered, when you go into Enter Details there is the option to login the subsequent child which brings all their information across.  If you don’t login, the system will prevent you from continuing as it will not allow you to create a duplicate record for a child.  

Sometimes, parents shorten the child’s name so the registration goes through but this causes problems in the database later on and resets the counter for five year and ten year awards which causes unnecessary distress on presentation night.