Parent Support Program

Parent support is key to Little Athletics

Each week it takes approximately 80 parents or guardians to help give our kids the best experience of athletics.   

Parent/Guardian help is compulsory for all member families and eligibility for athletes to receive awards at the completion of the summer season is contingent on the parent/guardian fulfilling support roles at a minimum of 50% of meets (minimum of 7 throughout the season).  Parent support is also required for any “special events” your children participate in.

Our automated online system enables parents to select their prefered roles from the rostering program, SignUp.  Please click on the SignUp logo below to choose your role.  Further instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Parent Support roles each week

These roles require parent support week to week and do not require athletics experience. Training will be provided to compliment your enthusiasm.  You do not need to complete the same role each time, please ensure you are signed up via SignUp as “dropins” are not counted unless signed off by the Parent Support Leader, and we often need to backfill the roster on competition days with extra helpers.

All families are required to complete a designated role on a minimum of 7 occasions throughout the season for your children to be eligible for centre awards.

These roles include:

  • Set up / pack up crew
  • Age Group Assistants
  • Track & Field Marshals
  • Data Entry
  • Timing
  • Canteen support
  • BBQ assistants
  • Special projects (If you can’t attend Sundays to fulfill your parents support role, contact our Parent Support Leader to arrange others ways you can assist.

Age Group Managers (AGMs)

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AGMs only

The age group manager is an important role in ensuring the experience and progression for our athletes & parents.  We look to utilise experienced parents who have fulfilled the role in the past and have relevant qualifications / expertise.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Working with children’s check (WWCC)
  • Completion of the Community Coaching Certificate (online)
  • OR other suitable qualification such as: personal training; strength & conditioning; phys ed; human movement etc.

It is desirable that Age Group Managers complete the LaVic Introduction to Coaching Course (ITCC).  This can be completed throughout the season and your costs reimbursed by the Centre

Previous Age Group Assistant Managers willing to step up to the next level are encouraged to do so!  If you are interested in this role, please contact our Parent Support Leader

Notes on Parent Support Roles

  • Please check in at the gate when you arrive to have your name marked off.
  • Parent support duty is compulsory. We require over 80 parents every week from all age groups.
  • Duties are offered on a “first in, first served” basis, and you are required to stay for the duration of the shift.
  • Please check your diary for conflicts first – only choose dates you are able to attend.
  • Walking around with your child’s group isn’t counted as duty unless you are rostered on as Age Group Assistant that day.
  • Our centre has a number of ADMIN roles for parents who cannot complete their duties on weekends, for more details please email Parent Support Leader
  • All parent helpers on the day wear a fluro vest, collected at the sign in table.
  • Parents who do not choose their own duties will be allocated them.

Notes on using SignUp

  • Please use the same email address that you use for registration.
  • Please list your children’s full names and their age groups, so we can easily reconcile your duties for award eligibility.
  • For families with shared care arrangements, please create separate accounts for each parent and email the parent support leader for instructions.
  • Please fill from the earliest dates first.
  • If you discover you cannot complete a selected duty, you may switch it, with someone else, please do so via SignUp.
  • If you require support with getting signed up please watch this quick video or email the Parent Support Leader

Sign Up Help

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Select your dates and roles

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Parent Support

To contact the parents support co-ordiator please leave a message below.

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